Thursday, February 22, 2024

Get Featured

Reach out to a wider audience of art lovers in the Philippines and abroad.
ARTventure Magazine is honored to support the works of emerging artists.

Artists and galleries are welcome to be featured in the ARTventure Magazine. Magazines are typically kept around for a long period of time, thus there is a chance that your profile and artworks may be seen again and again. Don’t miss this opportunity to put your works in our magazine and connect with new and wider audience to elevate your art!

What will I get as Featured Artist or Gallery?
ARTventure Magazine is published bimonthly in 3 editions – print, digital format and website. Gallery and artist’s profile and artworks will appear in all 3 editions. We are also active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we post articles and photos from our magazine. A directory of artists and galleries are also available online where we will provide your contact information and a link back to your active portpolio or website.