In this video, I will show you different techniques for soft pastels, we will be doing layering, blending, scumbling, dusting and more!

For this demo, I am using soft pastels and Canson Mi Teintes paper. In my collection I have different brands of soft pastels, such as Schmincke, Unison, Koh-i-Noor, Rembrandt, Daler Rowney, Winsor & Newton, but do not worry, you do not need to buy all of these, a cheap set by Koh-i-Noor is a great starting point, it’s an amazing value for money and the pastels themselves are wonderful.

As for the paper, I suggest you use Hahnemuhle Velour or Clairfontaine Pastelmat / UART / Sennelier Pastelcard / Canson Mi Teintes Touch instead of Ingres papers. They hold more layers but are more expensive in comparison. But for this little exercise, you can get away with using Ingres or Canson Mi Teintes.

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Video courtesy of Jekaterina Kotelnikova.