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Do you ever feel the urge to create something along with the impulsive thought of going somewhere? If you do, you’re probably an artist. Having the talent to turn imagination and emotions into a physical form of expression is a big deal than most people think. It is a skill that is highly recognized by people. Art has always been a part of our culture. It is something that we value and appreciate no matter what form it is. Though some people used to think that it’s a waste of time and money, we still see artists left and right joining exhibits onsite and online, either for personal purposes or for business. There are some artists that are not contented about the outcomes of their work, but majority of them are happier. It’s quite rewarding for the artists to be appreciated and genuinely admired for their masterpieces.

Filipino artists, for instance, are using the hashtag #supportlokal to express themselves and inspire other artists to come out and show the world what they’re capable of creating. Local artists now are being recognized globally and it’s overwhelming to see them everywhere especially on social media.

Most artists based their works on what they see outside the comfort of their homes. That is why most artists get some inspiration at cafés, parks, and other public areas. It’s easier to find a subject going from one place to another and wonder. Art sometimes requires one to travel. For instance, muralists go to different places to work on establishments, food stall and street walls. It is inevitable not to meet other people with same interests. Art galleries would sometimes host exhibits and invite artists from different parts of the country. Musicians would have social gatherings at bars and cafes that allow them to jam. Cosplayers, another art form that has become mainstream lately, are more active during conventions. Travelling helps the artists to visualize what to do next or even help an art block. Many artists travel to find something that can trigger their motivation to create. Photographers take photos of beautiful sceneries while artists paint them. It is a good way to help visual and non-visual artists to clear their minds and relax their body as well. Through that, they can create something new, such as music, poem, script, painting or anything that involves a certain moment from their travels.

A lot of artists are now becoming more open about their feelings. Art has also become a form of therapy and is recommended and suggested by health professionals. It can boost a person’s psychological state especially for those who are going through tough times in life. They are grateful enough for those who support and allow them to fully express their ideas and emotions through art. They deserve to have a safe space and community, regardless of gender preferences.