Van Gogh once said, “There is nothing truly more artistic than to love people.” Seldom, love is stronger than art, but sometimes, what prevails is art. When we hit the month of February, we can feel that love is in the air. Valentine’s Day brings out the thoughtfulness and inventiveness of people. To some, buying a box of chocolates and flowers is “in”, while some give out greeting cards, love letters, and gift cards. But, not all people can afford to buy gifts and some prefer it to be more personal. This is where the creativity happens. People are finding more and more ways to express themselves. They write love letters, design Valentine cards, write a poem or a song and dedicate it to the people they love.

Art can never be separated from love, because art is a beautiful way of expressing love. Flowers can always brighten up a room, however it only takes a couple of days for those roses or tulips to remain beautiful. Art will illuminate more your home for years to come. Some people resort to making paper crafts such as origami, sculptures, paper mache and paper quilling.

Others implement their artistic skills in painting and drawing to create gifts or souvenirs to remembered by. There are many ways of saying “I Love you” even without telling them literally. In Art history, Klimt painted “The Kiss” to depict the passionate act of love. Frida Kahlo was deeply inlove with Diego Rivera and chose to paint “Tehuana” to truly express that Diego is on her heart.

There are lot of options to choose from if one wants to give creative gifts. Creating a bouquet of flowers made of recycled materials such as paper, cardboard, etc. is something unique and eco-friendly as well. Those who can bake make their own cakes, cupcakes, cookies or donuts. It takes a lot of efforts, too, to decorate an entire room to surprise a loved one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Do-It-Yourself gift. It is more touching and sincere. Love is pricess so, it doesn’t matter whether you give something expensive or not. What matters most is, we appreciate our loved ones.