The relationship between mothers and daughters is the strongest of all parent-child bonds, according to the study in Neuroscience. It may have its ups and downs, but a mother-daughter bond is something special. What more if both share the same passion. These two artists aren’t new to this fact. Art is one of the common things about Pleng and Nela. Though both of them paint, they haven’t collaborated yet in a common project. As a mother, Pleng constantly gives her daughter some advice about studies, art stuff and life lessons.

Pleng was born in an artistic family, thus, art is a second nature to her. She is a native of Sampaloc, Quezon but studied secondary education in Lucban, Quezon. She then pursued Fine Arts at University of the East. It is where her talent was honed and challenged. She finds inspiration in nature, especially ornamental plants. She tends to look on small details, so she can incorporate well on her sculptures. She also get some ideas of what to paint based on her dreams. She continuously explore and experiment on different medium as she believes that being an artist is a never ending process of learning. As an advice to co-artists and emerging ones, she said, “Always keep the passion for art alive within you. See the world as an inspiration, never get tired or loose hope and stay humble.”

Grinela Denise or Nela is a 16-year old high school student of Luis Palad Integrated High School. She has always been into arts and started doodling at a very young age. In school, contests like poster-making helped her improve on her techniques, but it wasn’t until fifth grade when her adviser, Mr. Jeric Cabriga scouted her to be an Editorial Cartoonist of Liyab, a school paper of Tayabas Easy Central School under his mentorship. She has participated in two National School Press Conference and securing a place in the second. She also joined and earned a place in several other regional and national competitions such as Regional Women’s Month Celebration and 1M Batang Malaya PH.

She is most grateful of the fact that her mother always encourages her to go through with her ideas, and that her mother never fails to support Nela in the things she does, making her daughter’s canvasses as well, for her projects and artworks. This young artist finds inspiration in everything around her. Her interests includes reading, listening to music and making digital art. Her works are also influenced by whatever fixation she currently enjoys. It could be a TV series, a book or any random objects. All these experiences helped her improve her talent especially in portraiture as she is now accepting commissions.

Young as she is, she encourage other art enthusiasts to never stop making art and to never be discouraged when faced with failure.


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