Atty Cryz Guese-Rosales

Atty. Cryz B. Guese-Rosales is a mother of three boys and a happy wife. She loved to sketch since childhood. One time, she inadvertently heard her father raving about her drawings, which according to him, were advanced for her age. She had no idea back then that it was a God-given talent. She just thought of it as a hobby/pastime.

In 2015, while she was still working as a court stenographer, she suffered from tenosynovitis (inflammation and swelling of tendons in her wrist). She could barely move her hand and couldn’t grip anything. She had to undergo treatment and therapy.

At that time, she realized that she should use her God-given gift, so she won’t have regrets in the future. She prayed that if God would heal her wrist, she would use her talent and fulfill her purpose to inspire others and help the unfortunate through her artworks. The Almighty Creator answered her prayer.

She started painting in 2018 after her husband surprised her with a set of acrylic paints and brushes. She has been accepting commissioned paintings, both realism and abstract using acrylic and oil paints.


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