Clarence James Edora is a young artist currently a first-year architecture student at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation in Lucena City. Like most of the artists out there, for him, money is not the sole purpose of art, but rather an expression of oneself and a way to expose the truth as well as lies in our society. At a young age, he profoundly understands art as one of the powerful mediums for an ordinary youth or person like him to make a change in our society where lies are obviously rampant.

Spiritual Blindness is one of his pieces. The element that draws my attention is the vibrant color of the young man’s hair and the second one is the rosary the man is holding. It is also seen in the painting the movement the young man is trying to do, which is looking at the left side as if he is searching for something. In terms of color, the artist used shades of brown and highlighted the bright color of the man’s hair and the tip of the blindfold. Upon looking at the whole element of the painting, the word bewilderment came into my mind.

The artist of this painting is trying to represent something about religion and faith; we all know religion is a very complex topic, so I decided to review this art piece. Since the prehistoric era, religion has been internally diverse and no one can tell which one is the true religion, which one teaches the accurate word of God, and which is the true God that people need to believe in. But one thing is for sure there is a higher being who created this world of us and it is up to the people if they will have faith in him or not.

Most of the youth nowadays are not so religious unlike youth before. They are mostly confused and naive and do not have a deep connection when God even if they are going to church and praying. Just like in this painting, I felt like he is holding onto the rosary yet blindfolded because he believes in God but does not have a deep connection with him. He is being called by God and based on the painting, he is trying to find him.

This piece is very effective you can feel something in it. And if you are someone that is in the process of building a deep connection with God this piece will surely strike your heart. You can imagine how big the field is, you can feel how dark and tiring it is to find someone while having a blindfold and also you can feel how heavy and scary it is to just walk nowhere while just holding onto your faith.