Sharmaine Biscocho - Young at Art

Teen’s quest for self-discovery represents the struggle that all adolescents face. They’re not children anymore nor are they adults. A lot of times these years are filled with identity changes. Fortunately, art can rescue teens from this situation. Art counts as an excellent vehicle for self-discovery and self-esteem development. Like this young artist, she is not an exception in perceiving herself as a unique individual. Her passion and love for art helps her to be more positive in life.

Shalmaine Biscocho, fondly called as “Maine” was born in Milan, Italy on July 26, 2007. She speaks fluent Italian and a bit of English and Tagalog. She literally grew up in Italy and haven’t been to the Philippines for more than 2 months. A short vacation in the Philippines wasn’t enough for her to remember a lot of Philippine life experiences. She attended Scuola Confalonieri in elementary and Scuola Rosa Govone in Middle school. She finished Junior High School at Scuola Umberto Boccioni, where she is currently studying Arts in Senior High School. During her toddler years she was a child model of some clothing brands and video ad campaigns in Italy.

Her love for art started when she was little. She loves coloring and drawing at home and in school. From then on, she continues to sketch whenever she’s not doing anything. Maine loves to spend her free time with friends going to museums and galleries. She really is curious of all the things concerning art. When she paints, she gets her inspiration from the people who surrounds her or from films she watched or books she read. Her biggest dream is to be an architect and an interior designer as well.