Teena Maaliw-Octaviano - Chief Editor - ARTventure Magazine

It has been almost eight months since the Pahiyas Art Gallery opened in Lucban, Quezon, Philippines. To date the gallery has held almost seven exhibits: (1) Pahiyas Art Exhibit, (2) Pahiyas: Noon at Ngayon, a Photo Exhibit, (3) Hubog, Nude Fine Art, (4) Buybayin Calligraphy Art, (5) Lukban, Ang Nakaraan: A Photo Exhibit, (6) White in Black and (7) Beyond Colors. Meanwhile, the Pahiyas Art Society has joined three major art fairs in the country: (1) Rizal Day National Art Fair in Fort Santiago, Manila, (2) Gateway Art Fair at the Gateway Mall in Quezon City, and a satellite exhibit for ManilArt Fair: Reimagining, and one exhibit at SM City, Lucena entitled Sining at Kalinangan ng Kalilayan. Aside from exhibits, the Pahiyas Art Gallery also offered a lot of workshops for the year 2022: (1) Kids Wanna Rock: Rock Painting, (2) Baybayin Lecture and Workshop, (3) Nude and Live Painting, (4) Kid’s Summer Art Camp, (5) Photography Workshop, and (6) White in Black workshop for Children’s Association.

One raffle draw project for January, 2023: “Give Love, Win Art” will benefit some kids from the raised funds. The prizes are donated artworks and crafts by the kind-hearted artists. Needless to say, the gallery and its art group were just busy as a bee.

Yet, our minds never sleep and we thought of another thing: the digital magazine. When we first had this idea, we thought it would be a more challenging task. Aside from the gallery and an artist group, managing a magazine is not really a walk in the park. But art is just something we need to share to the world, not just for the gallery. It needs to be shared digitally. Art and travel are a good combination. Every time we go to other places, we see different stuffs and artworks. So, we came up with this “ARTventure {Art and Travel Magazine}. This digital magazine will serve as a window to the world. We will feature different artists, their works, experiences and stories; bring you to beautiful places; and give you inspiration and wonders. On the cover as the artist for the month is the mud artist, Percy Denolo. Inside features are the artists: Pleng and her daughter Grinela Lado; the nutritionist, turned tattoo artist, Meridean Eclavea-Oczon; and the Attorney-at-Law, Cryz Guese-Rosales. Young at Art will feature talented kids and teens. Articles of lifestyle, art review, travels, portraits, and a lot more, are equally worth the read. This all started as a dream, not being sure it would come true. But the love of creating something that would capture the attention of any individual brought us here. All this, together with a group of creative minded people to come together and be on the same path following the same vision to produce this magazine. We are excited to bring you our first issue and we hope at least after scanning the pages, you’ll find yourself smiling.