Art is a great way for young kids to communicate their thoughts either verbally or in the lines, shapes and colors they make. Many opportunities can arise from a painting activity leading to exchanges in conversations, which is a way in for adults to listen and discover more about kids. Young ones will often show their inner feelings through their arts instead of talking to adults, and it helps them more to explore and discover more of themselves. Creating art is not so new for this young lady, Bella. Her name means “beautiful” in Italian language, and it suits her well.

Isabella Marie Day is just 12 years old and yet her talent in drawing and painting is quite impressive. Born on March, 2010 in Makati City, to a Filipina mother and a British father, she is a head turner. She is currently studying at Southern Luzon State University in Lucban, Quezon in Grade 7. She loves all genre of art. To enhance more of her passion and skills she regularly attends art class during the weekend. She uses pencil, ink, acrylic and gouache paints on paper or canvas.

Her hobby includes drawing and sketching whenever she’s at home and taking breaks from school works. She got lots of inspiration when doing her artworks. She loves to paint birds, nature and portraits. She has joined some painting competitions in school, did some art workshops, summer art classes and art exhibits. Bella might be young but she enjoys the color mixing, doing patterns, using fine brushes and all that messy painting experience. This will allow her to freely express herself and develop further her creativity. No doubt this young lady will learn so much and paint better as she grows up.